W156 5-Ton Wheel Loader

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W156 5Ton Wheel Loader

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The W156 5-ton wheel loader is strong and reliable which is suited for heavy duty because of its self-made advanced-technology axles, high strength structure parts and the long wheel base. Bigger diameter tilting cylinder and capacity torque converter with engine make the whole vehicle has a strong force. Additionally our products use the dual pump confluence, steering priority, and heavy duty unloading hydraulic system to improve the whole machine performance.

Thanks to the spacious cabin designed according to ergonomic theory the machine has an outstanding view. Meanwhile we adopt a rational and elegant design of air conditioning system, which makes an excellent and comfortable working environment.

Specifications of the Wheel Loader
Basic Data
Bucket Capacity 3.0m³
Rated Load 5000kg
Travelling Speed
Forward 1st 0-11.5km/h
Forward 2nd 0-37.5km/h
Reverse 1st: 0-17km/h
Max. Traction 165kN
Max. Break Out Force 150kN
Wheel Base 3427mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outside Tire) 6700mm
Max. Dumping Height 2970mm
Max. Reach 1200mm
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time ≤11.1s
Full Bucket Lifting Time 5.7s
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8075x2960x3500mm
Min. Clearance Over Ground 450mm
Operating Weight 16200kg
Diesel Engine
Model CUMMINS 6CTA8.3 or CAT6121 or WEICHAI WD10G
Type Direct injection, turbocharged, water cooling, 4 strokes, 6 cylinders
Rated Output 162/162/160kW
Rated Speed 2200rpm
Max. Torque 855/908/860N.m
Hydraulic Torque Converter Model Single stage, two phase, four components
Transmission Type 2 forward and 1 reverse gears/hydraulic power shift, planet type
Max. Permissible Temp. 120℃
Transaxle & Tyre
Drive System 4 wheel drive
Type of main Reducer Spiral bevel gear, single stage
Type of hub Reducer Planet gear
Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
Tire Size 23.5-25
Pressure Of Tire 0.28-0.32MPa
Working Hydraulic System
Working Pump Type Gear Pump
System Working Pressure 17MPa
Working Pump Max. Flow Rate 328 l/min
Lifting Cylinder Bore x Stroke 165x757mm
Tilting Cylinder Bore x Stroke 200x540mm
Steering System
Type Articulation, full hydraulic power steering system with flow-amplified system
Steering Pump Type Gear pump
Max. Flow Rate 43L (1920r/min)
Max. Working Pressure 12MPa
Steering Cylinder Bore x Stroke 100x342mm
Max. Steering Angle 35°
Brake System
Type Caliper disc brake, air over oil activate, 4 wheel brake
Drive Brake System Pressure 0.71-0.784MPa
Parking Brake Hand brake, drum type
Oil Injection Capacity
Fuel Tank 300L
Engine Oil 30L
Transmission 45L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 200L
Transaxle 30L

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Other Products
  • W153 5-Ton Wheel LoaderThis W153 wheel loader works with 5 ton rated load and the middle sized wheel base is about 2920mm. Working with smaller turning radius than the W156 product, it is more flexible in the narrow and small places. Aside from the bucket with the capacity ranging from 3 to 4m³, this machine also adopts the strengthened rear frame and heavy counterweight equipment to keep its stability.
  • W136II 3-Ton Wheel LoaderThe W136II wheel loader is the reformative achievement of W136 product. Similar to the W156 machine, it adopts the ZL50 planet type gearbox. Our product gets stronger power from the larger gearbox. With the strengthened rear frame, this product is the matched product for heavy duty machine.