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Design Details

1.As the middle size wheel base is only 2920mm, this wheel loader runs with small turning radius so that it can move flexibly in small area. In order to maintain the stability and strength, it gets the rear frame strengthened and adopts the counterweight devices. The optional bucket is able to hold 4 cubic meters of lightweight and loose materials effectively.

2. Our product adopts two welded frames in rational structural design. The frame offers a solid and reliable foundation to improve the stability and adaptability of the machine. Moreover, the front and the rear frames are hitched by dependable articulating parts. The optimized line routings across the hitched joints facilitate the production process and enhance the reliability, durability of the machine.

3. This wheel loader chooses the preeminent C6121 engine made in Shanghai and licensed by CAT. With the same technology as the CAT C3306 engine, this engine is configured with a large amount of interchangeable parts with it. Moreover, this turbocharged diesel engine features 4 strokes, 6 cylinders and water cooling performance.

4. With the hydraulic converter, the ZL50 planet type gearbox is applied to offer 2 forward and 1 reverse gears. Activated by the hydraulic power, this transmission system performs with smooth gear shift, quick acceleration and obvious improvement on performance.

5. This wheel loader utilizes double axles made in our company to deal with the special applicable situations, improving its reliability and long service life. Therein, the front axle on the frame is used to bear the internal torque load and support the entire machine. Oscillating at ±13 degrees, the rear axle helps to keep the four wheels staying on the ground to increase the stability of the product even in the rugged area.

6. With the clear panoramic view, this operation cabin of the machine improves the safety of the operators. Through the externally mounted rearview mirrors, operators get the surrounding conditions thoroughly. Moreover, the horizontally foldable mirrors help to clean the window from the front platform quickly and safely. This capacious cabin supplies the operators with the comfortable working environment.

7. This wheel loader gets the grab bars well mounted on the ladder that inclines forward at 10 degrees. When walking into the cabin, the operators may feel that it is a staircase rather than a ladder. Meanwhile, the fresh new front hinged door can be opened or closed freely even if the operators are seated. It is convenient for operators to walk in and out.

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