W153 5-Ton Wheel Loader

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W153 5Ton Wheel Loader

Product Description

This W153 wheel loader works with 5 ton rated load and the middle sized wheel base is about 2920mm. Working with smaller turning radius than the W156 product, it is more flexible in the narrow and small places. Aside from the bucket with the capacity ranging from 3 to 4m³, this machine also adopts the strengthened rear frame and heavy counterweight equipment to keep its stability.

Under the pressure of 18MPa, the hydraulic system works smoothly. On the ground, the breakout force of the machine exceeds 16 tons. Due to the reasonable and elegant design, the operation cabin with air conditioning system offers a comfortable space for operation.

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  • W136 3-Ton Wheel LoaderThe rated load of the W136 wheel loader is 3 tons and the bucket capacity ranges from 1.8 to 2.2m³. Our product comes with excellent structural hardness and enough space for maintenance because of the large interval between articulations of frames. It adopts the optimal steel materials with strong intension and tensile performance to manufacture the structural frames and operation devices in our design that proves to be reasonable through the computer finite element analysis.