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Design Details

1. Rigid body welded with steel materials
The main body of the JH21 C frame single crank press is welded with optimum steel plates. Meanwhile, it is also processed with thermal treatment and ball blasting for releasing the stress and enhancing the hardness. The optimal boring and milling machines are adopted to make sure of the precise body.

2. PLC control
Our machine introduces the Panasonic or Omron PLC that features high stability and durability.

3. High torque wet clutch with low noise
We use the superior seals, bearing and friction discs to make the wet clutch with low noise and long working life.

4. Easy and safe control
The C frame single crank press has both electric cam controller and mechanical cam controller. The mechanical cam controller can still work if the electric one stops service. And you can select the cam by the touch screen too.
1) There are double manual buttons, a button for emergent stop and an optional foot pedal control switch mounted on the control panel.
2) A series of instruments is set on the touch screen, such as the counter, crankshaft angle displayer, control switches and alarm lights. It is very convenient for users to set the machine and check any defaults of the machine through the touch screen.
3) This machine utilizes a hydraulic pump for protection if overloaded. Moreover, the die can be also protected and the overload value can be reset simply via the switch on the touch screen.
4) Two kinds of cam controllers are mounted, the electric one and the mechanical one. If the electric one stops working, the mechanical cam controller still works. Any cam can be selected on the tough screen.

5. Automatic lubrication system
The C frame single crank press makes use of an automatic lubrication pump with its lubricating cycle time set via the touch screen. This pump offers simple maintenance.

6. High rigidity transmission parts
The transmission system consists of the superior precise transmission gears and rigid crank, ensuring the durability and accuracy of the machine. The link rod is equipped with bronze bush and well milled rod ball. We make all the parts by ourselves to guarantee the quality of the integrity.

7. Motorized die shut height adjustment
This C frame single crank press selects a mechanized slide adjuster with thin brake motor and operation buttons. Performing with stable positioning accuracy and rapid adjustment, this adjusting device is involved in the standard configurations of the machine with the capacity of 60 ton to 400 ton. As for the press with the capacity of
25 ton and 45 ton, users have to adjust the slide manually. In addition, there is a digital displayer mounted inside the slide.

8. Color customization
It is humanized that users can choose the color of the paint for the product as preferred.

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