Guillotine Shear

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Guillotine Shear

Product Description

This QC11Y guillotine shear is a hydraulic machine that is equipped with a welded steel blade barrier positioned by guide rails with rollers. By means of removing the spacing of the guide rails, this machine is significantly improved on its cutting precision. Moreover, the shearing angle can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the materials, realizing high efficiency. The cutting stroke changes with the length of the materials.

Our guillotine shear utilizes double gauges. Therein, the front one is mounted with stop blocks and ruler. The rear one can be adjusted through the mechanical system with displayer. In purpose of improving the reliability and stability, this machine chooses the combined hydraulic system with nitrogen accumulator. Both the upper and lower blades are designed in rectangular shape with 4 edges. Additionally, the Delem DAC360 NC system can be selected.

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