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  • Swing Beam ShearThis QC12Y swing beam shear is constructed by the welded steel frame and the swing type blade carrier, both of which are processed with the high temperature treatment to release the stress. Driven by the left and right hydraulic cylinders, the blade carrier will swing with the support shaft. The machine uses the nitrogen cylinder to accelerate the back stroke operation. Aside from the back gauge that is a mechanical adjuster with display and manual adjusting lever ...
  • Guillotine ShearThis QC11Y guillotine shear is a hydraulic machine that is equipped with a welded steel blade barrier positioned by guide rails with rollers. By means of removing the spacing of the guide rails, this machine is significantly improved on its cutting precision. Moreover, the shearing angle can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the materials, realizing high efficiency. The cutting stroke changes with the length of the materials.

The shearing machine is a specialized hydraulic cutting device for sheet metal. Our product varies in two types including the swing beam shear and guillotine shear. Therein, the swing beam shear works with the fixed shearing angle and its blade carrier swings along with the shaft. Yet the guillotine shear is able to cut at adjustable angles and the blade carrier moves straightly on the guide rails. Its cutting length reaches 12m at upmost and the maximum cutting thickness is 40mm.

Other Products
  • C-Frame Fixed Bolster Power PressOur machine is designed with the steel welded body that includes the rigid frame with less deflection. Aside from the high torque and low noise wet clutch unit, it is also configured with precise transmission gears and rigid crank to keep long service life and high accuracy. The forced lubrication system with default monitor enables the product to run reliably. Due to the user-friendly design and multifunctional electric control system ...
  • C-Frame Inclinable Power PressThe J23 C frame inclinable mechanical press is an ordinary punching machine with the capacity ranging from 6.3ton to 125ton. Aside from the body, slide and the worktable made of casting steel, this machine also adopts the rigid rotary bond clutch that comes with simple maintenance.Due to the helical gear transmission, the machine is improved on the noise reduction and stable performance. In addition, it makes use of the balance cylinders that add ...
  • Hydraulic Press BrakeThis WC67Y hydraulic press brake is designed with the C frame steel welded body that is treated with high temperature to release the stress so that the product is enhanced with the the rigidity and the strength.Aside from the mechanical synchronous control system with torsion axis, this product also adopts a wedge compensation device.
  • W2330 33-Ton Crawler ExcavatorOur product is supplied with a variety of optional working tools, such as the hydraulic breaker, steel grapple, log grapple, compactor, ripper and shears. Users can enlarge the versatility and performance of the machine through adding these auxiliary tools to finish different tasks in various construction sites.