CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Press Operating by Hydraulic Cylinder, CNC Bending Press
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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Product Description

The WE67K CNC hydraulic press brake has an option of Delem DA52 NC system and DA56 system. It employs the electro hydraulic servo synchronous manifolds with the grating to make the control system in a closed loop. There are three automatic hydraulic cylinders for deflection compensation with the control of CNC system on the amount of added convex. Our product employs the wedge device on the upper mould mounting plate to compensate the slider deflection via adjustment.

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  • Hydraulic Press BrakeThis WC67Y hydraulic press brake is designed with the C frame steel welded body that is treated with high temperature to release the stress so that the product is enhanced with the the rigidity and the strength.Aside from the mechanical synchronous control system with torsion axis, this product also adopts a wedge compensation device.