Press Brake

Brake Press Machine, Machine Tool for Bending Sheet
  • Hydraulic Press BrakeThis WC67Y hydraulic press brake is designed with the C frame steel welded body that is treated with high temperature to release the stress so that the product is enhanced with the the rigidity and the strength.Aside from the mechanical synchronous control system with torsion axis, this product also adopts a wedge compensation device.
  • CNC Hydraulic Press BrakeThe WE67K CNC hydraulic press brake has an option of Delem DA52 NC system and DA56 system. It employs the electro hydraulic servo synchronous manifolds with the grating to make the control system in a closed loop. There are three automatic hydraulic cylinders for deflection compensation with the control of CNC system on the amount of added convex. Our product employs the wedge device on the upper mould mounting plate ...
  • WM CNC Press BrakeThis WM CNC press brake is a kind of hydraulic up stroke product that is available in processing large accessories. It utilizes the center pressure system to avoid the center sags. Configured with the bearing and roller guide, this product is able to prevent the ram from working in a curving way. Moreover, the stroke is controlled precisely. Equipped with the Japan NC9 CNC system, this press brake shows slow bending performance.

The press brake is a hydraulic bending machine used to process the sheet or plate metal in designed form. Aside from the upper punch on the slider and the lower mold installed on the working table, this machine is also designed with the C frame body welded by steel plate. On sides of the body, there are two hydraulic cylinders mounted. Our press brake varies in different tonnages ranging from 63 ton to 500 ton. Its maximum bending width reaches 6m.

Other Products
  • Guillotine ShearThis QC11Y guillotine shear is a hydraulic machine that is equipped with a welded steel blade barrier positioned by guide rails with rollers. By means of removing the spacing of the guide rails, this machine is significantly improved on its cutting precision. Moreover, the shearing angle can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the materials, realizing high efficiency. The cutting stroke changes with the length of the materials.
  • H-Frame Double Crank Power PressThis JW36 straight side double crank press is designed with a strong H frame. The enclosed wet clutch with high torque needs minimal maintenance and it can get ride of the noise and pollution caused by airborne particles, significantly extending the lining life. Our machine is structured by symmetrical front and rear columns, minimizing the deflection so as to suit the precise progressive die applications. Without inherent deflection on angle, the structure ...
  • C-Frame Double Crank Power PressThis machine chooses the six faced rectangular guide rails so as to enhance the punching precision. It also gets double crankshafts laid in the front and rear parts respectively connected to the slide via two link rods successfully. The reverse movement of the crankshaft increases the synchronization of the slide. In addition, the press is designed with the capacity ranging from 110 ton to 315 ton.