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Established in 1988, the World Machinery is a Chinese engineering machinery manufacturer. We are dedicated to researching, developing, and manufacturing wheel loader, crawler excavator, and many related products for customers around the world. We operate four independent factories which each specializes in different types of equipment: the engineering machinery factory produces the loader and excavator; the metal forming machinery factory produces power press, shear machine, press brake, etc.; the agricultural machinery factory produces the combine harvester; and the gardening machinery factory produces the lawn mower.

All World Machinery products including wheel loader (bucket capacity ranging from 1.8m3 to 4 m3), hydraulic excavator (operating weight ranging from 1800kg to 36,000kg), power press (nominal capacity ranging from 63kN to 6300kN, H-Frame/C-Frame, single/double crank), have received CE certification. Our quality built engineering equipment enjoys a favorable reputation internationally, and we export to Brazil, Peru, Algeria, Zambia, Morocco, Iran, Qatar, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more.

Development History
The World Machinery was established in 1988, when we began to produce crankshafts for diesel engines. In 1996 we began to explore the agricultural machinery industry and our combine harvester for rice and wheat was introduced. In 1998 we purchased a state-owned company which produced metal forming machines, and we began to offer our mechanical power press.

The World Machinery next endeavored to offer quality garden machines, and we began manufacturing our lawn mowers in 2000. Continuing our efforts regarding agricultural machinery, we began manufacturing the farm tractor in 2006. In 2007 we began producing construction machinery including wheel loaders and excavators. In 2009, in order to explore our overseas market, the Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established.

We now have a good reputation for reliable products of excellent quality. Advanced techniques and researching, talented staffs, and the continuous drive to provide outstanding products to customers around the world have enabled our World Machinery equipment to reach many parts of the world.

Main Products
  • W136 3-Ton Wheel LoaderThe rated load of the W136 wheel loader is 3 tons and the bucket capacity ranges from 1.8 to 2.2m³. Our product comes with excellent structural hardness and enough space for maintenance because of the large interval between articulations of frames. It adopts the optimal steel materials with strong intension and tensile performance to manufacture the structural frames and operation devices in our design that proves to be reasonable through the computer finite element analysis.
  • W156 5-Ton Wheel LoaderThis W156 wheel loader is able to bear 5 tons of nominal load. Its bucket capacity ranges from 2.5 to 3.6m3. With the prolonged wheel base of 3427mm and the larger bucket cylinder, this product comes with great breakout force and excellent stability. The optimal steel material with outstanding intensity and tensile property is utilized to design and make the structural frame and operation devices. The finite element analysis is accomplished through the ...